America's Top Disability Attorneys And Insurance

America's Top Disability Attorneys And Insurance

If you live in the Raleigh area or Eastern North Carolina and have suffered from a serious injury or medical condition that is keeping you from working or living your usual lifestyle, you could benefit from hiring a Social Security Disability attorney. Susan 'Malley is a Board Certified Disability Specialist by the North Carolina State Bar and is available to assist with any Social Security Disability claims or referrals.

My husband received is approval letter today. He applied Nov 8, 2011 he was approved Nov 5, 2013. So does that mean he will get back pay minus the 5 months for all those months? Or as I've been reading here only 12 months? Also, since he was approved Nov 5, 2013 (hearing date was Oct 17, 2013) will he get a check in Dec for Nov? Thank you for all your answers on this website, it has been most helpful.

Children's benefits are always paid a little bit later than the disabled worker's. Before the children can receive benefits, you will need to present their birth certificates. Also you or your children's other parent will need to complete papers to be representative payee for the children (receive the children's payments for them). If these things haven't happened yet, I suggest recontacting Social Security and asking them when and how you can provide what is needed to get the children paid.

The letter from the judge just addresses whether you are disabled and when you became disabled. Check the letter for the date the judge says you became disabled. Benefits will begin to accrue with the 6th full calendar month after that date if the sixth month is more recent than March 2011. If it is earlier than March 2011, then benefits will begin to accrue March 2011. You will receive a second letter that gives you all the financial information. This letter is often received after the first payment, which can take up to sixty days from the date of the judge's letter.

If you cherished this article and you would like to acquire a lot more information pertaining to social security disability determination phone number (simply click the up coming internet page) kindly go to the web site. Because it has been more than six months, I suggest contacting Social Security to ask whether it is set up for payment and if so when. If you are payee for your son, keep in mind that the money your son receives is for his support. This means for shelter, food, clothing, and medical and other needs. It cannot be used for other purposes. If he is age eighteen or over, then his money can pay his share of the housing costs. If he is under age eighteen, perhaps your reduced income could cause an increase in his payment amount, if he is not now receiving $710.

If Social Security determined you were disabled in December 2009, your back pay will start twelve months before your application, that is, April 2010. There has been at least one court ruling that Jones Act payments do not result in a reduction of Social Security benefits. I do not know if the ruling applies regardless where to live or only to the Federal District in which the ruling was made. To avoid overpayment, I suggest that you notify Social Security of your Jones Act payments so that they can make a determinatin.

If you feel you can express your limitations well and gather the information you need for your claim, you might file the claim on your own. If you are denied, you would definitely want to get an attorney for an appeal. Visit and click the Apply SSD" tab for articles on applying and the Claim Process" tab for how Social Security assess claims. The articles can be helpful in your completing the application.

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